A day out at Orion Firearms Training.

There are very few options for the long range shooter in the U.K. in terms of places to shoot. Of course you have Bisley which provides a gallery style range out to 1200yds. If you enjoy a more practical experience you might try checking out Orion in Wales. We did last week and had a superb day.


The “range” is actually a huge tract of land which has a variety of targets and scenarios. The best part is that the targets are steel and they range out to 2000m!


I took the Remington .308 along as well as the AR. Both rifles were faultless and both sets of optics (Vortex optics and Leupold optics) worked very well.


The Range Officer was a fantastic guy. His knowledge and spotting skills were literally invaluable and his input really made the day extra special. He had us shooting at sunken boats and floating bottles, up and down hill and provided insight into everything we did. He helped me with some drills and position changes which I shall continue to use.


All in all we had a fantastic day. I consistently rang steels at 1200yds and hit a clay at 800yds with a 5.56mm. I was pretty chuffed. The Lapua B476 load I’m running was easily reaching 1200 and next time we will head for 1400+ and see what happens….

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10 Responses to A day out at Orion Firearms Training.

  1. John Francis says:

    Probably only fair to also mention WMS Firearms Training, also based in Wales, and run by Andrew Venables, one of the UK’s best-known rifle shooting instructors. 10,000 acres of infinitely variable shooting out to 2.5km. Look at http://www.wmsfirearmstraining.com where you will see 17 press articles on what WMS does and why Andrew’s experience is invaluable.


  2. John Francis says:

    Thanks! Having been to WMS regularly at its new facilities I can highly recommend them. They also have an RFD with a huge range of demo guns and also UK distributors of PGW rifles, the Canadian sniper weapons systems. Great blog site by the way!


    • gunsandzen says:

      Thanks John. It is very new but I’m aiming to add informative content as quickly as possible and keep it literate..
      WMS sounds great. I will take a look at the link this evening. We need more of these venues as they provide a fantastic experience. If only I had a spare valley!


  3. frank wallis says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when ‘people’ feel the need to continuously try to discredit Orion Firearms Training. Obviously they aren’t busy enough whereas Orion remain dignified. I for one remain with the elite first class special forces instructor. That experience can’t be bought.


    • gunsandzen says:

      I’m not sure who is discrediting Orion? I found it superb and I will be going back in November. It is highly likely I will try other similar venues as well. Whatever the history (I gather their must be some) the best thing for shooting sports is to support one another both individually and as businesses..


  4. Alan Roe says:

    There is only one training provider that has Britain’s Finest/Elite Instructor-period. It’s why I can’t book my elite 1:1 until December. Discrediting a company that you’ve never been to stinks of desperation, Obviously knowing what a great link this is, whomever wrote the above comment, have sunk so low as to gain publicity off the back of an excellent and well informed write-up, on a highly reputable and superb company-shame on you Mr Francis??!!


  5. Terry says:

    Well, I do think that Mr Wallis has a point, the article is great and magnificently written, I believe that the comment Mr Francis leaves a bad taste and wrecks of unfair play? Orion have an excellent facility, I’m sure WMS have the same but to advertise off the back of your competitors editorial/blog is a little unsavory and somewhat below par??


    • gunsandzen says:

      I’m just a shooter who had a great time and decided to write it up. The rest is politics which I like to avoid at all costs. I would urge everyone to support the sport of shooting as a whole and try as many venues as they can. If you have a favourite then great. I’m glad your all enjoying the write up. More talk about shooting and less about politics and business!! I go shooting to escape from them!!


  6. Turkishraf says:

    As the person who organised this day, (and the photographer) I should say that I looked at many options – and we chose Orion for various reasons.

    As gunzandzen says, we should support every shooting ground and business in Britain. I shoot around the world from Africa to Australia to India to the UK and US. And the UK has such a level of professionalism, combined with fun, that we should be proud of it.

    More power to the elbow of all commercial ranges and clubs.

    As the old crown circulars used to say: ” A better rifleman is a better citizen”


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