I have been shooting for about 20 years. I achieved Mastershot status whilst competing at Bisley, England aged 14. I went on to win small bore classes D and C on consecutive years. I continued to improve and competed at both county and international level.


Receiving a prize from Malcolm Cooper at Bisley. The hair was a phase..

After a break of a few years (bringing up children), I began to shoot seriously again. This time round I took up fullbore rifle and target shotgun. I now compete in several different events and I passed as a full bore shooting instructor with the NRA at Bisley. These new disciplines have been a steep learning curve. I hope to be able to take you, the reader, along with me on this journey so I might share some experiences and save you some time and effort. I’ve made plenty of rookie mistakes which have cost me money and knitted brows. Hopefully I can save you some of both!
I’m in my late 30s now. I follow a Buddhist path which of course is the reason for “Zen” in the title. I find the Buddhist mentality incredibly beneficial in sports. I’ve been a semi pro athlete (power lifting and martial arts) and strong self discipline, and the ability to look inward and examine yourself have been the key to achievement. Shooting is no different. Diligence in the small things = success in the bigger picture…


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